17 Days Left (Inktober)

Why didn’t I post yesterday?

Well, I was on a plane going to Sacramento to speak at a WordCamp. I’m speaking tomorrow right before lunch. My father has set an incentive for me. If I get a standing ovation, like he always does, I get a Krispy Kreme donut. SO, if you happen to be coming tomorrow, please get me that Standing O so I can get a good donut.

Drawing without color

After watching a few sketchbook tours of Inktober challenges, I have realized that most Inktober drawings are done only in black ink, without color. So today, I drew a drawing without color.

When you draw without color, sometimes your drawings will look less impressive. Why? It’s because if you work with color a lot, chances are, you are often times focused on color. And that’s great, because the color makes your drawing visually interesting. However, when you take the color out, if all you were focusing on was color, you’ll be left with a bland, and unimpressive piece.

How can we fix this?

Without color, to make a piece visually intriguing, we must first understand contrast. What is contrast? Contrast is defined as the state of being strikingly different from something else. Contrast is what makes a drawing interesting.

When you take color out of a drawing, there immediately becomes less contrast between the drawing and the blank space. In addition to that, without a unique color palette, your drawing will be less “strikingly different” from all the other drawings on display during Inktober.

So, to make your drawing more interesting, you need to find other ways to add contrast. My two favorite ways are…


Adding detail can make your art more interesting because it gives the viewer lots to look at. Think of a search and find, where you have to look closely at a drawing to find all the hidden objects. By adding detail, you give the viewer more to find in the drawing.

They could look at the intricate necklace, or how accurate that converse shoe was, and then the cool print on the shirt. By the time they’ve looked at it all, they’ve been there for ten minutes, and they’re still blown away. Instant thumbs up.


This is solely for the purpose of making your drawing stand out of a crowd.

If you were asked to look at a drawing of a tree, and presented with an accurate, yet not intricate drawing of a tree, and a drawing of a person trapped within a tree with an entire ecosystem around them, which would you enjoy more?

Most likely, the second option. This is because the concept itself is intriguing. To take your drawings to the next level, mainly when working with prompts, try to take your concept less literally and more figuratively.

So what did I do today?

Today I used both of those techniques to create this:

I spent a little more time on detail, but not too much, because I still have stuff to do. My concept was more intriguing than last time, because last time I just drew a human girl. Today I drew a girl with wings in the top layer of clouds. (The icy ones)

Anyway, that’s all for today…


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