Swallowing My Pride

Today I thought about the idea of “swallowing my pride.”  At first I didn’t know what it meant to swallow your pride.  So, my mom and I looked it up in an urban dictionary.  It means, “to accept that you have to do something that you think is embarrassing or that you think you are too good to do.”  Once I found out what it meant it was hard for me to think of times I’d swallowed my pride.  It was easier to name the times I hadn’t swallowed my pride.  It is hardest for me to swallow my pride when it comes to my brother.  It’s also hard to be humble when it comes to things I’m really good at, like art and writing.

I realized I struggle with swallowing my pride. I can do it, just not for writing or art. You see, writing and art, they’re special to me.  I have a project at school coming up.  It plays to my strengths. I was partnered with a cool friend. But, she is not the best at drawing. She said it herself.  I would like to make the poster by myself.  We also have to present the poster along with facts about the subject we chose.  I’m in a class made just for presenting and debating and stuff like that.  So, I feel like I’m good enough to do the presentation by myself too.  I feel like I don’t need a partner.

Maybe, just maybe this project isn’t as much about the subject.  It’s probably more about working with people you don’t know well and getting to be their friend.  I think I need to learn that a lot.  I feel like I want to do everything MY way.  

So I need to swallow my pride and let her in.  I need to let her make part of the poster.  I need to let her have half the speech.  

I need to do it, but I feel like I can’t.  I feel like I might loose my temper with her and blow it for us both. But I need to remember that people are more important than things or projects.  I may get a great grade, maybe ready for college already, but I will have failed at the test that matters most; the test of friendship.  Unless I keep working on that all the time, I will fail it every time.

I still struggle with it every day. Maybe even on some days, every hour.

Please comment with encouraging words and times you had to swallow your pride.


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