My Amazing Friend

I would like to introduce to you an amazing friend of mine. She’s funny. She’s smart. She’s everything a person could ask for in a friend. Her name is Rachel.

She is a blogger at Under The Tapestry. She teaches me things I never knew before.Rachel is a scientist in WI. She comes to Cabo San Lucas with our family in October each year. We met because Rachel’s husband, Seth, works with my dad, Chris Lema. 

But, what really makes Rachel special to me is the way she has always been my friend, my BFF, my forever friend.

She does science experiments with me when she could just be hanging out with my parents. But every time we see each other, she hangs out with me. She blogs about me when she could blog about something else.

Everyone says I’m  a “mini” her. I think it’s because we like the same things (books, Harry Potter, rocks, geodes, etc.)  The first time we met, when I was 9 months old, we played with rocks together! And we even look kinda like each other. It’s true, I’m just like her, like she was born again. (Sometimes I think they just cloned me!) Rachel inspires me to keep going and to work hard. She is my everything. I wanna be just like her. (like I said, I pretty much already am)

Can you tell she is like, amazing. (if you can’t, read this post all over again)

                                                                                                                 <3 EMERS LEMERS

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