A Ransom Note For Daddy!!!!!!


I stole your heart. I did. You even said it. No take-backs. And I’m holding it  for ransom. I don’t want money. I want :

  • 12 jars of Jelly Bellies
  • Barbies
  • dolls
  • dresses
  • paints
  • art supplies
  • paper
  • pens
  • pencils
  • books
  • iPad
  • iPod 5 (blue)
  • iPhone 5 c (pink)
  • footy pj’s 
  • skirts/skorts
  • Barbie cruise ship (you can find it on amazon)
  • office
  • MacBook
  • better upgrade on my blog!
  • spy desk
  • make up ( baby lips and blush)!!!
  • posters

I want to get married before I’m 83 etc.

So if you want your heart back, go to  Barns & Noble, meet the little girl in a purple and black polka dot dress, give her the stuff, she’ll perform the magic spell to give you your heart back. Do this by 4-20-14 or your heart stays with me. Do it  by 4-25-14 or your heart go’s in flames. (not literally, Mom won’t let me turn on the burners and our fireplace wont flame up.)

                                                                                                                                                                       E L:end of note


So this is the ransom note I’m sending my dad. I hope he falls for this trick.

Oh man, dad I hope you can’t read through that line.

Oh no. I just gave him an idea.


                                               Yours Greedily,

                                                                         Emers Lemers


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