Boogie-Boarding: Girls can do it too!

Usually when I go to the beach, my brother and his friends go out far in the ocean, and the girls would play on the sand or in the small waves. I’d never been more than a yard away from the shore!

I am currently on a vacation with my favorite family ever, the Bourns! We are at a beach house in Oceanside. My BFF, Natalie Bourn, loves to boogie board. And little did I know, I would come to love it too!

Natalie helped me learn to boogie board! If you’ve done it, you know that to catch a good wave, you need to go out pretty far. At first it was hard to learn – I wiped out a lot! I learned that I needed to get ready for the wave before the wave touches you!¬†After a ton of practice I got the hang of it!

I realized that girls can do anything boys can do! We are strong, and powerful. We can do anything. I have to keep remembering GIRL POWER!!!

Yay! I am super glad that I didn’t give up.


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