California: A State To Remember

Bye bye home, hello Sacramento!

These next few blogs are gonna be about my CA trip. We’ll be in THE STATE CAPITOL, THE JELLY BELLY FACTORY, THE DELTA  AREA, MONTERY, SAN SIMION, SANTA BARBRA and HOME. Today we’re in Sacramento with my grandparents.

Today was quite a day.

I woke up at 7 in the morning and shortly after Christian did too. We played quietly in the spare room that Grandma gave us. We waited for everyone to wake up. After what felt like hours we went to cuddle Mom. Minutes later we were at the table eating many different cereals for breakfast. We played with P.C (princess cat) and left the house.

First we went to Sutter’s Fort. We saw Patty Reed’s doll. She was tiny! We saw canons and guns and I got a bonnet. I ate a bunch of Tic Tacs. Then we drove to Old Sacramento. I learned Sacramento was built over an old flooded Sacramento. I saw the school house and we got lot’s of candy. They burned our mouth’s and Mom said after the train museum we could get more.

In the train museum we saw a movie 20 minutes long and checked out a million trains and went upstairs to see toy trains. We went to the gift shop. Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything.

We went to the candy store, like Mom promised. Christian got Tic Tacs and I got fizzy candy that tastes like soda. I can’t have soda, so I use these.

We came home and my bonnet saved me from the rain. That is all I wanted to say about rain ’cause rain is a boring subject.

I learned Patty’s Doll was teeny and I had no idea Sacramento was built on another city. I never knew four men planned the railroad. I didn’t know boys and girls were not allowed to together at school. Mostly I learned sight seeing is tiring.

Peace Out


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