Coming to a Close: Lifelong Friends Put In Effort

They’re all leaving me!

As the end of the school year arrives, we are forced to say goodbye to our 8th graders who are leaving us to go to high school. For any 2nd grader, that’s no problem. But I’m in 7th grade, and let’s face it: most of my friends are 8th graders.

It didn’t look good for me. All my friends were leaving me and scattering! I didn’t want to go back to having zero friends, and I was scared that that’s exactly what was going to happen after this year was over.

Then my dad reminded me of two of his friends, John and Julien. They knew each other in college, and still get together for a weekend every year. They don’t work at the same company. They don’t live in the same town. But they are still friends and keep in touch.

Welcome to Friday Fun-days

Let’s start with I have the best parents ever. We came up with a way for me and my friends to keep in touch over summer, and keep hanging out even while¬†we aren’t seeing each other at school.

One friday of each month (I couldn’t wait a year like my dad does) all my friends come over to swim, eat, watch movies, make s’mores, and hang out. We call them Friday Fun-days! Then we will schedule new dates for the school year, while they are in high school.

Real friends put in effort

The truth is, real friends put effort into their friendships. They don’t wait for when they have time to hang out; they make time. They figure out a way to keep in touch. Lifelong friendships only happen when both people are working to keep in touch, see each other, and be friends.

I’m working to become a good friend and put in effort, and Friday Fun-days are just one way to do it. Maybe you do Movie Mondays, or start a club based on what you and your friends like to do, or have dinner together every week. It doesn’t matter what you do, just that you put effort into your friendships. Then, and only then, can a friendship really grow.

Stay tuned…

This was the second post of my Coming To A Close series, and I hope you enjoyed it. Tomorrow will be the last part of the series. So stay listening…


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