Coming to A Close: My Goal Is Different

Should I run for ASB President?

As the year starts to end, ASB has to decide on an ASB President for next year. When I can home from ASB, I asked if I should run. My dad asked “Why do you want to run? And what if you don’t win?”

Running for ASB President gave me the opportunity to give a great speech, and if I got into the finals, I would give another speech. I love speaking, and this was a great opportunity. My dad though that was a great answer and I made it my goal, not to win, but to give great speeches. My dad and I set to work, making the speech for the qualifier round.

When I gave my speech I was nervous, but I ended up giving a good speech, and many people told me I did a fantastic job. I didn’t care if I made it to the finals, my goal had been accomplished.

The results came back, and it turned out that I had made it to the finals! Now I would be able to give another speech, and I was over the moon.

The finals

While the other candidates used their old speech and just tweaked a few things, I created a brand new speech because my goal was all about speaking.

I didn’t end up winning, but that’s just fine with me. I was able to give two great speeches and I accomplished my initial goal. I enjoyed speaking, and so the experience was really fun, despite losing, because I didn’t lose in my eyes. I accomplished my goal.

My goal changed the game

Because my goal was to speak, I don’t feel bad that I lost. Because my goal was to speak, I enjoyed the experience. My goal changed how I saw winning, and so my goal changed the game. In my eyes, I won the game, because I accomplished my goal and I had fun.

Should I play the game?

If you are going to play the game, you can still decide on your own goals. Play because you have fun playing, like I had fun speaking. If your goal is to have fun playing, then all you have to do is play and have a good time. Your goal changes how you see winning, and so you win all the time! Plus, if you accomplish goals and have fun, that is a total win!

Last of the Trilogy

This was the last post of my “Coming To A Close” series, and I hope you enjoyed it. I certainly had fun writing the post.


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