Coming to a Close: Three Things I Learned From This Year’s Musical

I’m starting a new series

I’ve decided to do a three day series where I post every day. It’ll be called Coming To A Close and it’s all about this school year “coming to a close” and what I’ve learned from my 7th grade year. This will be the first post.

I’m really excited to be doing this and writing every day, even if it’s just for three days. I personally think that I’ve learned a lot from this year and I’m excited to share my new knowledge with you. I hope you enjoy the posts and maybe even learn something new!

#1: Not being the main thing, doesn’t mean you aren’t special

In this year’s musical I wasn’t a lead. This was really hard for me, because I’ve been a role in every musical I’ve been in. My self-esteem and confidence dropped. I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I cried. I screamed. I threw pillows. I cried more.

Then I thought more about it and realized this: This doesn’t define me or who I am. I am still a great actress, and people will remember me that way, and if they don’t I shouldn’t care about what they think. Maybe I’m not a lead, but I’m still a great friend, leader, speaker, writer, martial artist, and so many more things.

This can apply to everyone’s life. Maybe you didn’t get into the college you wanted to. Or you didn’t get that job. Or you didn’t win that competition. But that doesn’t define you.

You are still the amazing and wonderful you. You still have your talents, and your strengths! Don’t tell me you don’t have your strengths, because everyone has strengths. Maybe you can paint with your toes or do a backflip into a pool or build a website or whatever it is you do. And that define’s you!

You’re best qualities are how people remember you. You are special, even if you aren’t the main thing.

#2: Friends come in places you didn’t think of before

Being in ensemble is like being in a family. Don’t get me wrong being anything, lead or no lead, in a musical theater troupe is always like being in a family. But as a lead you get to know the other leads you interact with and your double-cast.

In ensemble, you get to know everyone! I was a tree. There were maybe twelve (I don’t know for sure) other trees. I was in 7th grade. There was another girl in either 7th or 8th grade. All the rest were 4th and 5th grade boys. I never thought I would have a group of 4th/5th grade boys as friends, but I really got to know them and they were really cool.

I would have never been friends with them if I were a lead and I am so thankful I got to meet them. They were so fun to hang out with and I’m glad I made new friends!

This also applies to everyone.

Let’s go back to one of my examples from before; let’s say you didn’t get into that college you wanted to go to. So you go to a different college, maybe your local junior college, and you meet some new people that could potentially change your life for the better and be lifelong friends.

You would have never met them if you went to where you thought you wanted. It’s important to remember that friends can come in places you didn’t expect or hadn’t thought of before.

#3: How you react may affect your future opportunities

When I got the results that said the casting and that I wasn’t a lead, I wanted to just quit the entire production. Thankfully, I have a wonderful mother that helps me make better decisions. She explained that if I quit now because I didn’t get a role, people would take into account my reaction for next year’s casting decisions.

If I was going to be a terrible sport and only do shows when I get a role, then the people casting may not want me to be in their production. Thank goodness I didn’t ruin my chances!

I chose then to try and be a good sport and, yes, there were hard days, but I think grinning and bearing it this time will pay off.

This doesn’t just apply to my life, but yours too! People are always watching to see your reaction to certain things. If you don’t get what you wanted for your birthday and you through a fit during your party, some of the attendees may not want to be at your next birthday party and may not want to be your friend.

Children: I know this from experience, your parents might have something nice in store for you, but if you whine and scream when they ask you to do something… poof! Nice thing in store is gone.

It’s happened to me. Don’t make my mistakes. How you react to certain circumstances and things may affect your future opportunities.

I hope this helps you!

These three life lessons have certainly helped me. I hope you enjoyed this post and you maybe even learned something new. I will be doing another blog post tomorrow as the second post of my three post series (it’s a trilogy!), so stay tuned!

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