Delayed honesty may be best

One morning I was in a land of my dreams petting unicorns in my sleep. That all stopped when… I heared yelling in my ear. Of course it was my little brother Christian screaming in my face for me to wake up to see what he had found on the internet. He said it was Disney’s Frozen videos. I was up late because of a blackout when I was in the bathroom the night before. UGH!!! So I was to tired.

I can blow up with anger like lava. I wanted to punch his dirty little face. I felt like an active volcano or bomb. I felt like I could kick and scream all day. This was terrible! We’d talked this over before and yet, he’d done it. I lost it!

Right at that moment I felt like screaming ” I HATE MY LIFE!!! I CAN’T EVEN SLEEP WITHOUT HAVING HIM WAKE THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!!”

I realized that if I said crap I’d start even more trouble for myself. I’d hurt Christian’s feelings and I’d get in trouble for that too. I’d have to wait to say how I felt until I was calm and I didn’t make a whole lot of fiasco over my anger.

Sometimes we have to delay our honesty til we are calm so we don’t get in more trouble.

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