Don’t Let Fear Stop You.

Okay, I’m back! I seem to have an issue with loosing power cables. This is my 2nd.

To update you to my totally awesome life, I gave a speech a while ago at school. My teacher obviously heard it. She…               LOVED IT!!!!!!

Well, she asked me if I would present my speech for her Toastmasters Group. At the time I was exited, so I said yes. In preparation for my speech, I began saying it to anyone who would listen.

It came time for Toastmasters. I loved it! But when my speech approached I could barely move.

Alright. Here comes the lesson:

We need to OVERCOME OUR FEARS. Even if you’re afraid you can’t let that STOP YOU!!!!!!!


* If you’re speaking and nervous I have 4 tips for you.

1.  Look over the audience’s heads. It gives the illusion that you’re making eye contact.

2.  Focus on one thing until you’re comfortable with the audience. I twiddled my thumbs.

3. Act like it’s for fun. Don’t even think unhappy thoughts. Like my mom always says, “Look for rainbows, not the rain.”

4.  Don’t forget to take big breaths.

I was scared at first.  I thought I would cry my eyes out and run off the stage.  I accomplished all my own tips (1, 2, 3, and 4) and it turned out to be a great speech.  Everyone cheered!

I hope you loved my post. Come back soon.


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