Friday Morning Traditions


Every Thursday night I walk into my room and stay and clean ’till the floor is spotless. You might wonder why.

It begins on Friday morning when I’ll wake-up super quick, get dressed super fast, wake-up Mom, rush downstairs,eat a cereal breakfast. Then we wait like a minute and, drum-roll, open the door. Outside, two women always stand. Pam and Tana!!!!

Great friends. They tell us to clean our rooms and they teach us to make proper piles. They even encouraged me to clean my room DRAMATICALLY.

My room used to be a wreck. Trust me. A WRECK!! Clothing, on the floor. Toys, in bookshelf, on the floor, all over desk and window. Hangers, EVERYWHERE (for some reason I have an obsession with hangers)! You get the idea.

So your thinking they’re here to clean, yes but no. Well, actually, they are here to have coffee with Mom and to talk with her, but especially to be her friend. Talking about family (no they are not our family. Our friend’s family) and life. That, I can see, is friendship. And friendship is the real deal.

So, thanks to Pam and Tana, the whole house is so much cleaner and so much better. Plus having friends around the house on lonely Friday mornings is awesome.

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