Happier Challenge Series

My school ( if you didn’t know, yes, I’m a child and I have a blog) is doing a Happier challenge and it inspired me to write a post for you. YAY!!!

The series is twenty (20) challenges. 1 for each day. I’m a little behind. That doesn’t mean we have to stop. We start our Happier Challenge now! Many scientists have done research and tests show that this really helps.

The first challenge we have is … wait for it…To write 3 things you like about your day, every day.

My examples are these.

  1. In my school I won my Speaking Award for presenting a little story. I was voted for the award by more people than the other speakers.
  2. Voting a friend for Best Listener’s Award in class. A lot of kids in my class voted for themselves. I didn’t do that. It felt nice to vote for someone else.
  3. I also liked giving and getting valentines to my friends. It was fun seeing the happy looks on their faces. I loved seeing what nice cards and candies they had given me. I think they really care about me.

Now your turn.

It doesn’t have to be just 3 answers. It can be as many as you want. Comment on what you picked. I’d love to hear the great ideas you have. BYE!!!!!!


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