Happy Places

Yesterday something really hard happened to me.

I had a minor surgery. They used knives, numbing cream, and bandages that felt like chewed bubble gum! You see, I got my ears pierced six months ago and now my skin had been growing over my backing(s). (Eventually when the surgery was over the dermatologist found two backings stuck in my ear, not just one!)  So the doctor was able to wiggle one out , but one, it was stuck. While the 2nd backing was cut out by a dermatologist, it felt like only 10 pinches from my dad, Chris Lema. I had not one tear the whole trip home, in fact, I skipped and sung to the car and into my house!

Do you know why?

I thought of HAPPY PLACES:  Disneyland , my first cruise, and meeting new friends. Those are just a thousanth of all the others! My mom has two children, me and my brother, Christian. I’m sure I’ve mentioned him before.  When my mom was giving birth to me and him, SHE even thought of her happy places! I’m sure many times you’ve thought of  your happy places. Maybe the next time you’re not feeling so hot, you’ll  think of some of your happy places!  You go right ahead, think of happy places now.



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