Hard work, over time, pays off

It all started with a hair cut

Three and a half years ago my dad got a hair cut. My family went with him. We had just moved here. We wanted to check out places, so we went too. I’m so glad we did.

Our family had joked for years about me and my brother becoming martial artists. We found a kung fu school. Next to SuperCuts in Grand Plaza was White Dragon Martial Arts.

My mom and my brother and I practically blew up! We were so amazed and in awe of the place. So we walked in. We took a tour. It blew our minds.

White Dragon

Everyone wore uniforms consisting of a black tee-shirt, black pants, a white vest and differing color sashes. Those people were students. There were only a few of them, since the school was brand new.

There were also teachers, ones they called instructors. They wore a black jacket/vest thingy, black pants like the ones the students wore, and red sashes. Everything was so official.

On the left of the doorway was an open space with a big red mat. On the mat were punching bags. On the walls were weapons, compact item things to punch and kick, and a huge mirror.

We asked to join

The school gave us a few free lessons to see if we liked it. Eventually we joined. We got our first sashes.

My dad asked us before we joined if we wanted to join even though it might lose it’s shine. We said yes.

Eventually it did lose it’s shine. We wanted to quit.

My parents made us stick with it. I’m so happy they did.

They told us to stay strong, and to work hard. So we worked hard. I worked my butt off. I never gave up.

I got out of my funk. Then it started to work out. I started to like it. It got its shine back. It had more shine than ever!

Now I still work hard. I love it. And as I ready myself for my newest test, I must remind myself that hard work pays off.

That goes for everything. No matter what you do, work hard at it. It’ll pay off soon, I promise.

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