Honesty and Truth

Hi! I’m starting a new series.


Let’s go on this ride together. What is a lie? An honest truth? An opinion? What is exaggerating? Let’s see.

First let’s start happy.


If I said, “I was in a limo,” would you believe me? Yeah, maybe. That is the truth. The truth is saying somthing real. Anything opposite, we’ll get to that later.

You’ll know when you’ve told the truth. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. If you’ve never felt on top of the world, that’s sad. Picture this, you are standing on a globe, hands on your hips. The wind blows the hair out of your face. Gold light shimmers in the backround. Crowds are shouting and praising. “AH AH WOOOOO!!! YEAH!! GO GO YOU!”

Feel good?

That’s how it feels to be on top of the world; that’s how it feels to tell the truth. Okay. Okay. Good. Once, when I was little, I said to my mother, “Last night I fell off the bathtub when somebody pulled me backwards.”  She was so proud of me that I spoke up about something that happened to me when I had a babysitter. She made me feel better with  her hugs. She fixed the problem and I never fell off the bathtub ledge again, and I never will. Anyway, I felt like the hero of the day.

Think about it. You can tell the truth too!

Come back tomorrow for the next of the series!

See You,


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