Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

Recently I auditioned for The Lion King Jr.

Me and my family love acting and singing, and seem to have some talent in it. Our school musical is one way I am able to show my talent. This year our school decided to do The Lion King Jr.! I was thrilled. And then I realized something.

My mom made a call

To try out, you could only miss a few practices. But our schedule meant I would miss more than three days of practice. So my mom called the director to see if we should even try out. Our friend said that our absences may affect me getting a lead role.

I had to make a decision

Was I okay not to get a lead? Last year I got a nice and big part. I had been in a play where I was a munchkin and even then I had a line or 2.

I really wanted a lead. A lot of lines. An important role. So I cried thinking about not getting a good part.

Eventually I chose to audition. I would try for a lead and give it all I had.

I auditioned for Rafiki

Eventually it came to audition day. I had everything practiced. I was ready. I sang The Circle Of Life, that one in the beginning with all the animals and african chants.

I did the best I could.

Cast List, O Cast List

Rafiki – Emily Lema

Do you see that! Yep. I got the part! I was too excited! I felt like singing “Cast list, O cast list, how lovely are your answers” all day!

Remember my decisions?

When I decided to audition, to risk being the chorus, I decided that the chorus was awesome to be in.

That made making the role I got extra special.

I hoped for the best, but I prepared to be rejected. Being wrong never felt so good!

When I said that chorus was okay, I made chorus my expectation. I expected to get chorus or not get in.

It is like when you expect socks and you get a hundred dollars for your birthday.

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