Learning Takes Discipline

Learning and discipline

Recently I learned more about learning. Yeah, that sounds odd, but what I discovered was that learning is not a coincidence, it does not just happen. You have to work. I know, more work, again.

I take latin now…

Right now I take latin class. I learn things every day. I learn things even when I’m not in class! Today I figured out what dystopian means.

I saw the word dystopian while reading about the Maze Runner books.

I know that utopian means perfect, and from latin I know that the prefix “dys” means not. So I figured out what dystopian means! It means, utterly terrible and imperfect to the extreme!

Latin vocabulary… Checkpoint!

Just the other day in latin we played bingo. I know, latin and bingo don’t sound like they can go together, but they did. The teacher called out the word in english, and we had to figure out the latin word, and see if we had it! I knew in a few seconds if I had the word, and I think I knew before the kids who had taken years of latin!

Now, that didn’t just happen right away.

No, learning does not come that easily. To tell the truth, I struggle every day. I have been in this latin class for 2 months, and before that, I had loosely taken latin for many months.

What to do now…

If you want to be the genius of the world, you don’t have to start smart, just work to get there.

It does not matter your IQ,  your grades, or the scores, if you are willing to work, you can get those A+ grades, those high scores or anything! With hard work you can beat the game.

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