Lies, Lies and Even More Lies

We all lie. Sometimes for good reasons, and sometimes bad. Sometimes their just in the middle. White lies, bald face lies, lies to get ourselves out of trouble.

I really struggle with lying. My top 2 categories I struggle with are WHITE LIES and LIES TO GET OUT OF TROUBLE. I struggle when I’m right on the verge of huge trouble. When I’m about to get my butt spanked right off of me. (Ok, I don’t really get spanked, but I feel like I might!)  I also struggle when I feel like my options are to lie or hurt someones feelings. So, from life expirience I’m going to give you some advice. No pressure, you don’t have to take my advice, but here it is.


I struggle with the white lie. How can I get out of this situation without hurting the person’s feelings or lying. White lies are used for good, but just like every other lie, they lie.  I don’t always remember them ’cause I useally think their okay to say. I get past those lies quick because I feel like thier not bad. But when me and my mom were talking about how to write this up and what to say and all , she said that white lies were bad. WHAT THE WHAT!!! I’ve always told white lies and now she tells me their bad. My whole life I’ve told white lies thinking if it made the person feel better it was okay. I need to get to a place where I can be honest, but not feel like I’m hurting the person’s feelings.


Sometimes we want to look good, so we lie.Your friend says she went hang gliding over the summer. Do you say “cool” or “I was at big bear skiing.” My mom told me in 2nd  grade she told a million lies. She felt like her life wasn’t exiting so she lied. When a child went to CA she had to be in in AZ, when a child couldn’t talk all of the sudden she couldn’t either. I don’t usually tell this kind of lie.But when I tell this lie, after a while I feel shameful.


I use this lie a lot. I don’t want to be grounded or spanked or punished. Honestly, sometimes  I blame it on someone else. I either fully lie this lie or not tell the whole truth. I feel very shameful when I use this lie. Sometimes I feel so shameful,that at the happiest times I feel sad. The only solution I have for this lie is don’t do bad things so you never need it. I still struggle with it today.


Confronting is when you put someone face to face with something. For example when you say “that’s a lie” to someone you know is lying. If you happen to know someone is lying you might confront the person who is lying.Do you confront it when someone says something you know is a lie?  Well, I think it kind of depends on who it is.  If it’s my brother, yeah, I’d confront him.  It’s easy to confront him.  But confronting my friends, that’s different.  I don’t want them to not like me, so I let them lie.  I don’t want to have to get into that situation.

Do you confront people?

😀 Emers Lemers

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