My 2017 Predictions

3 years from now I’ll be 11. By then I expect much. I will cover 3 categories. My home life, my school life, and finally, my church life.


Three years from now, I expect better housing and healthier foods. The housing is good, but can be improved. Tornadoes, earthquakes, they damage houses and leave people homeless. My brother is totally normal, but recently (about 2 years ago) we had him tested, and the results said he was allergic to wheat. Our predictions are that since the wheat has gone up recently , the little organs can’t  work with all that extra food.Those are my homey normal life expectations for 2017.


Three years from now, I expect programs for advanced children. They should not ever, ever, feel different from the rest. They should feel like they fit in, like they are not the only left out child. Like they are understood, for once.In the year 2017 I expect free  schoolbooks for the poor students.That is what I expect from schools in 2017.


3 years from now, in the year 2017, I expect, better studying the bible, and harder work. No sloppy games. Worship, lesson, verse, work. That’s it. Easy. No ring around the rosy or play time, work. This is lesson, not childcare. In 2017 that is the way you memorize the bible. Study. Maybe a little game like 10 minutes, but not an hour. I want the kids program to be easy to get from level to level. My parents are still trying to get me in 4-5.


But, 2017 is years away and I’ll just have to wait.

Until next time,



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