Not everything in life goes perfectly. Keep your head up.

Sometimes I don’t behave nicely

It’s true. I am not always the sweet girl you all know and love. Even I can be a menace sometimes.

It all started when…

Me and my impatient little brother were playing calmly. Until…

He tried to grab my device. I got super angry since we’ve been through it a million times. He never touches my device without my permission. We started to bicker.

Then the fight escalated. Hurtful words changed to hurtful fists.

On Halloween of all nights!

Our punishment. NO CANDY. For over a week. No minecraft. For a little less than a week.

What I do now

I am now careful with my words and I avoid hitting at all costs. Some people think ” I’ll show you bad behavior!” but I think ” I’ll show you behavior you have been looking for!” now.

Keep you head up

Sometimes things don’t go well.

We are human; we make mistakes.

You have to keep your head up high. Fix it. Move on.

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