Older friends highlight the way

I have a friend…

I have a friend, yes, I do have friends. But one of them I would like to highlight.

I have mentioned her before.

Natalie Bourn.

I am going to see her in Sacramento on Thursday. SO EXCITED.

Usually people say “okay” and never think about it.

You guys happen to be all up in my life, so you might wonder why. I’d be happy to tell you.

She is older than me

There are people who are older than me. Shocker. Even crazier, I learn from her. Shocker. Man, I shocked you twice.

You gotta be ready for that! 

I enjoy being with her because I learn lots of things from her.

Since she is older than me, she is further down the path of life. Being further into middle school and much older, she teaches me.

I don’t mean she’s a bore

She is not a boring teacher of grammar and stuff.

She is like a pro dancer.

So we make shows and she helps with our dances. She is kind enough to fit the level of dance to what I can do.

She is an expert at fashion.

We draw outfits on models with a thingy called STYLE ME UP, and she’ll help me with ideas since I’m afraid to mess things up and never start.

What I mean is…

She teaches me things that no one else would care to even mention. Dancing. Fashion. Middle school. Friends. Other stuff.

She is the teacher to the school I wish I attended.

She is ahead of me

She knows what is ahead on the path. If there are ways that I could know how to avoid mean kids, she’d be the one to tell me. If I had a question, she’d be who I’d call. It’s nice to have someone to look up to.

She is my role model.

What I do with blogging…

I want to help people like she helps me.

That is why I write about life lessons and stuff like that.

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