Pen Pals

Hi! It’s me, Emers.

I have great news! Did I ever tell you I was in the Davidson Institute? Well, I am, and I joined the pen pal thingy program. We filled the form, everything, but got no answer. Soon we forgot the whole thing. Well today we got an email saying they had a pen pal match. Me and a girl called AnnahMarie.

Well each time you get a pen pal you must tell them or release information about yourself. Each time you do that you take a risk. People may not except you.

I’m here to tell you how I decide what to tell people, kids especially. Kids usually write too much or too little. It’s okay if your letters are 4 pages long. I write a lot!  Even my letters are 3 or 4 pages, which is kind of lengthy.

When writing a letter and telling people about yourself  I recommend telling stuff that matters to you a lot. I usually tell people about: me, my family, my religion, and what our family likes doing. You want to answer any questions your pen pal asks or may ask later on. I sometimes put in recent events in my life and questions FOR my pen pal to spice it up. Questions are good, they give you something to write about, so make sure to answer them and never be overwhelmed by many of them.

I really hope this helps with writing letters. I hope it helps me!


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