Star of India: A Chance of a Lifetime!


I was waking up when all of a sudden I jumped with excitement. For that day I’d be going onto a 150 year old ship.

(Here I am, not too sure about all this!)

I packed all my gear, like raincoats and beanies and sleeping bags. I loaded everything into a black trash bag with my name taped onto it. I carried it out to the car and Mom hoisted it into the back. After a long drive, that took til’ 2:00 pm, we finally reached the port. There, Mom waited a while then left me with a bunch of kids I’d never even seen. I was really nervous. I made friends with my fellow students and waited about an hour to go to the restrooms (on a boat it is called a head). I went and came back. We waited another hour til’ 3pm. Finally we boarded the ship.

We met the crew, a man named Mr.Goodall, 1st mate, Mr.White, Mr.Robinson, Mr.Miller, and the captain, Captain Sir. Lastly we met Cookie. He told us how he’d fix our fingers by cutting them up if we hurt them. Captain Sir taught us ship discipline and how to clean up after ourselves and him. Mr.Miller spilled water on us with Mr.Robinson. Mr.White showed us his cat (Whip) while Mr.Goodall was to teach us to hang lines (rope). Mr.Miller put us in the boatswain’s chair (I’m a boatswain, which is pronounced boa-sin.) Later on, Captain Sir taught us about cargo.

In the evening we learned a sailor’s jig and Cookie told us a story, on a boat it’s called “spinning twine.” Then came the nasty “Nasty Watch.”

It wasn’t too nasty for me. We read letters from our families and responded to them, we learned how to make 3 different knots, kept watch and wrote stories for Captain Sir. Then, we slept.

I had time to think of how everyone had been so nice. One kid always made me laugh, while some talked to me and had fun with me and worked with me. And I realized I was wrong about the world, people are kind and nice, not cruel. I hope you’ll find friends too and let them into your heart. I hope you’ll  face things you don’t want to and stand up to it.

The next day we ate and got to work. And eventually, after hours of work, we came off the ship to our parents and got our certificates so we can come onto ships in that area for free.  YAY!!




(Me an my new friends.)


Through this experience I learned that I was stronger and braver than I thought I was. I was able to lift a 100 lb cargo with a pulley to help. I was brave to step out of my comfort zone. I didn’t know anybody. I found humans are friendly.


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