The Five Love Languages of children

As the holiday of VALENTINES’S DAY is here ‘n’ all , I thought of writing a love article:  “The Five Love Languages of Children,” which is Inspired by the book written by Gary Chapman Ph. D and Ross Campbell M.D.  I’m writing to you about what I’ve read!  

There are five love languages.  Everyone has at least one, but most people have multiple.  Personally I have the languages of physical touch and quality time.  Let me tell you more about them.



A child needs loving, and, if he/she needs hugs and kisses, then that is what you need to give them. For some parents, this may be easy, and that is great! On the other hand, for others this can be very hard. If this is hard, I recommend reading the book.


If your child’s need is this type, well, this is easy, encouragement; cheering your child on! Lot’s of children who think they are not fitting in need this kind of love. Really, some parents are doing it without even knowing!   They are naturals at it.  A simple “Good job!” or “That was fun, let’s do it again!” can make such a difference. 


Quality time may be what your child longs for. Simply go to a mall or play with LEGOS could mean everything in the world to your child. One of the things I love to do with my parents is going on a daddy/daughter date or a mommy/daughter date.  I always feel loved and happy when we go out to these dates because they are really fun, with no disappointments.  It’s a “tear free zone!”


Maybe your child feels loved when giving or getting a gift. Maybe that is the right thing to do.   It doesn’t mean your child is greedy.  An ordinary toothbrush, candy, extra $, crayon pack, book, or piece of paper could make a child happy?! Yeah.This could be your child’s happiest moments!  


The final love language. Just a little help or lift might tell your child that you love him/her very much. Getting hot coco for him/her on a cold winter’s day, cleaning his/her room WITH them, or letting them have the window seat on a plane ride (I always like that) are a few of the things that can make your child feel really loved!

I hope you like these great tips with the Love Languages.

( I made all those sentences, they are not from the book.) 🙂



P.S. You rock!+ I HOPE I HELP YOU! 🙂

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