The Rules

I know everyone needs rules and values. I’d like to tell you some of mine.

First I will tell you about our family values.

I think the most important value we have is to forgive. Forgiving is hard, but we have to learn it.

We also value another important thing in life, we value not lying. Plus, we know, parents always find out.

We also love to be generous. No, not the generous, “Mommy made me! Hmmph!”, but the generous where YOU want to give.

Our rules come second.

As always, no hitting, no pushing, no kicking. We always have to say “Thank you.” or ” You’re welcome” or ” My pleasure” or even “Any time”.

Of course I’ve got a few rules of my own and they mostly just apply to my brother, Christian! I have 5 rules. #1 Obey! #2 Stop talking! #3 Don’t wake me up. #4 Stop asking me. #5 Don’t repeat that!

I also have a few values. (It’s always good to have some.) I value kindness. Everybody can do that. Also getting help is okay! It’s always good to ask for help sometimes. Just don’t ask a toddler or a baby. They don’t know a single thing!

Anyway, I value compassion. Only some people can do that! I’ve always valued:  EMPATHY! Only some people have that gift. I have it too. (although sometimes I wish I didn’t have it . Like when I’m playing MONOPOLY.)

And of course, the most important one, the one that I give the number “awesomeness!” Have loads of fun while your at it! That means, have fun doing everything!  So there you have it! My rules, my values, my family values, and family rules. Maybe you have the same! Who knows?!  Please respond with your values and rules.


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