There is Power in Empathy

There I was, on the 2nd floor of my good friend’s house.

They were hosting a party and I had been invited. I felt very left out. My friends were talking with their¬†friends, so I did what any kid would, I looked for my other friends. They were having fun with their friends. Even my brother wasn’t available.

So I watched as the other kids had fun.

Ever since then, I have felt empathy for anyone who is left out.

If someone is sitting in a corner of the room I’ll sit by them. I feel empathy for anyone in need. Sometimes I do something about it, like include them in something.

Other times if it’s serious I’ll burst into tears. (Which has happened many times before.)

It was right after a school party. My mom had organized it, so of course, we were the last to leave. Except that, at the lunch tables, a kid my age whom I didn’t know, was all alone. He looked sober and lonely. I decided that he was in need of my help, so I walked up to the woman at the front desk. I told her about the kid who I saw.

She thanked me and went to go help him.

So if you have empathy, maybe you think it’s annoying, or a weakness. It is actually a strength.

Each time you use your empathy to help someone, you give them hope, you make their world a better place.

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