This is Not the End of Emily – or You

Mrs. Bartrom wants you for the Awards Ceremony MC!

I was practically shaking last week when I got up to the front of our school’s leadership program’s classroom. I wanted to MC for the Yearly School Awards Ceremony so badly. I wanted this audition to go well and maybe I’d be one of the thirteen that would be called back. All we had to do was read off a one page audition script with a partner, and although I feel close to no fear when I have to give a speech for class, I was seriously afraid when I was speaking now. I didn’t know what I was afraid of, but the entire time I talked I was literally¬†wondering what would happen if I ran out of the room and crawled under one of the benches in the lobby. No joke. We were told we would get the results at the end of class for who got called back.

Results, scary aren’t they?

As promised, we were told who would be called back at the end. I almost did a flip when I heard that I was called back, except for that I can’t flip whenever I want to. For that matter, I can’t flip at all. I practiced all week for this callback, that happened to be today at leadership, in front of the entire leadership program.

And then today happened

I got nervous again when I was called up. Even my research about de-stress methods like turning nervousness into excitement couldn’t solve this case of the jitters. Personally, I think I did okay. Then all thirteen people called back were asked to wait in the hall for these results, of the final two that would MC for the Awards. After what felt like hours of waiting, we were called back into the room.

Those stupid results again!

Looking at the title, you probably guessed what the final results were. I will not be the MC for this year’s Award’s Ceremony. I was kinda bummed. I spent a lot of time practicing, and I still didn’t get it.

Guess What? That’s not the end of the story!

And I’m so glad that it isn’t. No, there was not a last minute “you’re in.” Sometimes life doesn’t give you that. But this is not the end of me, or my public speaking hobby. If it were, I’d be really sad. There will be more opportunities for me to speak. There is always next year, and the MC role for the Awards Ceremony isn’t the only opportunity to speak.


When you don’t get something, or succeed at something, that isn’t the end of you. I think this is really important to know, because it won’t just happen once. I didn’t get the part I wanted in this year’s school musical. ¬†In the first school musical I did, I didn’t get the part I wanted either. I didn’t get to dance in the front row of the dance that our leadership program did for national school choice week. But that’s not the end of me! And when you don’t succeed, it’s not the end of you. You’re not going to get that job you wanted every time. Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

So life gives you lemons, and yeah you want to squeeze lemons in life’s eyes, but you make lemonade, and know that someday, life will give you the strawberries and bananas that you always wanted in the first place.

Hope this helps,

<3 Emily

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