Tunnel Vision

I want it now! When are you gonna look at it! What did you mean “later”? A decade, a year, a month, a week, a day?!

When your saying that, you have what we call Tunnel Vision. I have lot’s and lot’s of trouble with tunnel vision. Just last night, my friends were playing a game called “Stardoll”. They wouldn’t let me have a turn. I have been asking my parents if I could play that game all day. I have TUNNEL VISION!!!!!!


Usually I’d have to think about having tunnel vision or hear the words tunnel vision to realize I had tunnel vision. But sometimes I just have to have someone tell me I have it. Today my dad had to tell me I had it!  If you have any suggestions about how to realize I have tunnel vision,  please tell me! I struggle the most with the realizing part.


Getting out of tunnel vision is easy. I just think of things being at the worst:  like our house being burned up while mom or dad are on an errand, or I get burned up in an over by a witch cooking me, or get stolen. It puts things in perspective for me. How lucky I am even without what I want.


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