What Is Bullet Journaling?

I’m not a very organized person

For most of my life, I’ve written off an organized life as an option for me. I decided that I was going to stick to being a creative person that always has a messy room, an overbooked schedule, and unorganized school binders like I’ve always been. I loved the idea of being organized, but the reality of sitting down, organizing my schedule, setting up my school binders, and cleaning my room seemed daunting and definitely not fun.

Being unorganized became a real problem for me in eighth grade. I was missing deadlines because I couldn’t find the assignment in my binder. My schedule was so busy that I became really stressed all the time. As if that wasn’t enough, if I wanted to relax in my room at the end of the day, I couldn’t because my room was so messy that it felt like parkour to get to my bed. I knew that I needed to get my life under control, but I didn’t know how.

Then I discovered bullet journaling

Bullet journaling is a combination of art and organization and it’s what saved me from living a stressed and hectic life. What bullet journaling does is it puts all your lists: check-lists, grocery lists, movies to watch lists, appointment lists, for fun lists, in the same place. It might sound just as hectic as life without a bullet journal, but you can always find where your lists are because you set up an index, like a table of contents at the front. The bullet journal is organized by month, but you can organize it however you please, or not at all.

To learn more, I suggest visiting this website for the most basic ideas, and this youtuber for the most artistic examples and tutorials.

The basic pages


Set aside a few pages at the beginning of your notebook and every time you add a page, write down the title of the page and the page number in your index. This is really helpful to keep track of where everything is. Some people use this a lot and others don’t.

Cover Page

Most people organize their bullet journal by month, so to signify the start of the month, you usually make a cover page. This is usually just the name of the month and an illustration. This illustration can correspond with a theme that all your doodles for that month fall into. It can turn out really pretty and totally plays into my artistic side, which makes this more fun.


This is where you set up your calendar like a planner¬†and plot out all your appointments and trips. It’s pretty simple but you can make it look really cool.

Habit Tracker and/or Mood Tracker

There are many formats for these that you can find online. I use Pinterest a lot. These just track how often you do your habits and how you feel day to day. They are good to look at after the month has ended so that you can evaluate the month.


These are just where you list out your daily tasks. Again, there are many formats you can use, and these are very customizable.

This is only the beginning

Hopefully, this has helped you, but just know that there are more posts to come, tips, tutorials, and many other ideas. I can’t wait to post more about this!


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