What is Inktober?

Twenty Days

Twenty days from now I’ll be participating in a month-long challenge called Inktober.

Inktober was created by Jake Parker, an illustrator. In 2009, Parker decided to work on his inking skills. This meant that for the month of October he would create one drawing per day, and go over in with ink. He intended to do this alone, and post each drawing to Twitter so his followers could track his progress.

To Parker’s surprise, the thirty-one day challenge grew into a worldwide drawing trend. Many artists participate, and urge their Twitter followers to join them.

Why is this challenge important?

I love to draw, and lately I’ve been working to improve my skills. Similar to Jake Parker, I think my inking skills could use some work. What am I talking about? I don’t have inking skills. I’ve never tried inking before, so I’m excited to start. Naturally, this challenge is important to me.

But how is this challenge important to you? Drawing every day can improve your ability to stick with something. Inking is something I’m learning, and learning new things can be really fun. Those are both great reasons to join this challenge.

If you really don’t want to draw, pick up another hobby and do it each day for a month. See what happens!

Gearing Up

Why am I talking about this so early? To put it simply, I have twenty days to gear up for this challenge. To get ready for Inktober, I need to draw more, get inking supplies, and play around with what ink is. I’ll post all of this so that you can see it too!

If you want to see what I’m doing for Inktober and join me on my journey, you can follow me on Twitter at @EmilyGLema.

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