Everybody is special.

You, well, maybe your really smart or maybe you were just adopted! Maybe you got a new car for Christmas or your mom or dad just got a job.

We all are lucky too.Even the people without homes can be lucky, so don’t give up!You are lucky too!

Things will narrow down as I go because I’m gonna tell you mine.So hold on we BEGIN!

First I’m lucky to have such a nice family and next I’m lucky I have so many wonderful people in my life. Also I am lucky with other things and in many other ways too. So remember be confident because with your special gift like being smart or artistic or being good at math you could do anything!

I want you to face a fear that you have because there is nothing to be afraid of if you are confident.

So remember whenever you must face a fear you are lucky! I’ve always loved to listen to music and one day on the radio I heard this song and it was so lovely and the next was even more lovely and I just thought “I am so lucky to have a radio station I love!” ( it was Christmas music and that is always pretty.)

We are all lucky to have such a wonderful life. I’m lucky I have a sweet brother and such a lovely city, house and room!

When we think about all the stuff we don’t have it only can make things worse, but when we think of ¬†all the things we do have it only makes things better.

I think if we all think, we’ll find a few things that make us special.

Well, until next time. See you later. Please respond with what makes you special.

Hope you’ll come again soon!

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