You’re an Over-comer!

Fear is bad, but WE! ARE!  OVERCOMERS!

Fear is a part of life we don’t like to expose. Fear is something our brains fear! I fear lot’s of things!!! I fear, spiders, bad grades, anger, blame and fault. Also, embarrassment, fear, and drowning. Six months ago I got my ears drilled through (pierced), and now, my skin cells are rapping around my backing, and tomorrow, well, I’m going to my doctor. I am afraid that what the doctor will do to help my ears and earring / ear holes get better is going to cause lot’s of pain and blood.

But this is about overcoming fear. (One of my favorite singers, Mandisa, sings a song about that!)  No boo-boo faces with me! Sometimes things really bug me. But I remember what my mom always says, ” SOMETIMES WE HAVE TO WHISPER OUR FEAR INTO OUR HANDS AND LET IT OUT! BUT, BEWARE, IT WILL COME BACK SO YOU NEED TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN.”. I’m not sayin’ it’s gonna be easy, but, give it a try. See what happens! Oh and get me a taco while your at it! ( JUST KIDDING!!!)

(I’ve included two videos of Mandisa’s song in this post.  Please enjoy them!)


            CIAO FOR NOW,


P.S. You are such an  overcomer and a great friend!

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